Our Partners

We focus on Seed to Series a startups and mid market opportunities across three strategic pillars (Impact, Insurance / Health, and Connectivity) where companies are poised to capitalize on the emerging middle class in South Asia. Out of the numerous opportunities reviewed on a yearly basis, Braxton has created partnerships with a handful of key investee companies that have a strong growth, innovation, and value creation plan.

Recent Investee Partners

Seed Funding / Advisory Board, Europe and Southeast Asia

SHAPE provides an all-encompassing solution to some of the most pressing challenges modern businesses face. Their platform enables organizations to tackle hybrid flexibility, mental well-being, employee retention, business adaptability, and human capital effectively. SHAPE's unique ProScore system, a rigorously scientific measurement of flourishing, drives their mission forward.

Utilising a powerful combination of established research and scientific sophistication, SHAPE transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling companies to craft a clear vision of success for their teams. The platform measures 12 distinct areas of employee experience, providing instant reports and offering a roadmap to flourishing. With their 99% self-service model, we put companies in control, ensuring that they have the right tools to adapt, pivot, and excel in an ever-changing business landscape. SHAPE will empower your team, unlock their potential, and shape the future of their work.

Seed Funding and Growth Equity, India

Square Yards is India's largest integrated platform for Real Estate & Mortgages and one of the fastest growing Property-Tech platforms in the UAE & MENA region. The Square Yards platform offers an integrated consumer experience that covers the full real-estate journey: from search & discovery, home loans, rentals, property management and post-sales service. Square Yards fully integrates buyers to an extensive network of partner real-estate developers, agents, banks & NBFCs.

Purple Health is one of India's leading digital health technology companies. Purple Health empowers doctors, clinics and hospitals with its online platform that incorporates branding solutions, clinic management technologies and telehealth tools in a unique and integrated manner. With Purple Health, clients and partners are able to better manage their online identity, digitize and make more efficient their clinic operations, as well as improve patient communications and engagement.

Seed Funding / Advisory Board, Singapore

Ocktolife is a comprehensive Insurtech solution which solves pain points of employees, employers, as well as insurers through its integrated technology platform to:

  • Employees: enables personalization of group health benefits on Ocktolife ecosystem consisting of marketplace, insurance, teledoc, and fitness content to provide a customized health and wellness experience.

  • Employers: provides a platform to improve employee health and protection while also increasing retention by offering comprehensive health and wellness benefits.

  • Insurers: provides a direct SME acquisition channel thereby expanding distribution opportunities at a lower cost of acquisition.

The Ocktolife Platform is built on a micro service architecture with ready apps, APIs, and SDKs. This allows it to seamlessly integrate with partners as a plug and play SAAS solution.

Seed Funding, Hong Kong

Virtual Control puts the power of data into the hands of global logistics companies. Enabled by AI and blockchain, our solutions give you the ability to digitize and monitor what's really happening with your assets on the ground (or in the air)-anywhere in the world. Stop relying on paper forms to track operations and compliance. Start empowering your business with verifiable, real-time insights.

Protect your assets. Optimise your operations.Save your bottom-line.Trust Virtual Control